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C-Card Free Condom Finder

by C-Card NorthEast

An App to rate and review local C-Card outlets where young people can obtain free condoms

أهلاً و سهلاً بالرضاعة!Breastfeeding welcome here


سيسمح لك هذا التطبيق بتقييم ومراجعة الأماكن في لبنان حسب سهولة الارضاع والترحيب به في هذه الأماكن.

SOLE Connect

by Jenny Hatley

Connecting refugees in crisis contexts with services, information and each other.

Das Tatarstan

by Igor Avaryasov

Мобильное приложение Volkswagen клуба Татарстана для обмена полезной информацией и рейтингом мест.

Safe Places to fly your Drone

by Simon Newton

To allow people to share safe, legal locations for flying their hobby drones. Either great scenery, good...

Σε Αναμονή Go

by Dimitris Panelis

Στόχος της εφαρμογής είναι η χαρτογράφηση των επιχειρήσεων που συμμετέχουν στην Αναμονή σε όλη την Ελλάδα και την Κύπρο.

Accessibility ratings

by Jessica Norman

An app that allows the public to rate and comment on the accessibility of locations that they visit.

Deek- Directory of Recovery

by Mal Maclean

Sharing resources that support recovery in your community

Brutalist Mapper

by Alexander Wilson

An App to share examples of brutalist architecture across the world!


by Gianluca Trombetta

An app that rates and lists venues from the perspective of the hard of hearing, a trip advisor for the hard of...

Out of Bounds Poetry Project

by Out of Bounds

Developing an alternative A-Z of the nation through poetic responses to places.

Car Rental Finder

by Owen Jubilant Akli

This will be an application that will help find the nearest car rental service and also select and rent a car based...

Community action and events in Wingrove

by David

See what's happening in Wingrove and how to get involved.

United Europe

by Dimitris Panelis

This app is going to make a connection between the European countries in how to create and share events for solidarity.

Virtual Reality for People with Dementia

by Sandra Hastings

A Virtual Reality application that displays scenes that would be familiar and comforting for people living with...

Kathmandu Air Quality Watch

by Prabin Raj Shakya

An open-access integrated platform for real-time air pollution information, and visualization as well as...

Student study location Mobile-app

by [Group 4]

This mobile application aims to guide students on Gimpa campus to conveniently locate a perfect learning location...

Gas Station Review and Location Application

by Boris Glover

Gas Stations are scattered all over the country, thus the reason for this App. To help clients find the closest one...

Photography Map

by Keya

A map for photographers to pin good locations to take photos in any city!

VISA ATM Locator

by Nkansah Emmanuel

Find nearby VISA ATMs with our free mobile app

tourist site locator

by daniel

this app show have the idea of how tourist in a contry can find some tourist site in that country and know the...

Restaurant Locator

by iPower Restaurant Locator Mobile App

To help users locate Restaurants and their preferred dishes.

E-Cash Locator


To conduct electronic financial transactions in cyberspace via computer networks and further gives location about...


by isah jonathan idris

To help bank customers locate ATM machine any where they are.

Library locater

by AliFadel

Library Locator - Find a Library Near You.

Bank locator application

by Gabriel Dahaman

An application that will help students locate and review recommended banks for fee payment

My Doctor my Counselor

by Abraham Yaw Nkum

This app is to help patients find solutions to their ailments.

Bariatric surgery-friendly restaurants in NE

by yitka graham

This app will help people who have had bariatric surgery to find restaurants which will cater for their dietary needs

Where's my wool?

by Elaine McColl

An app to help crafters find and rate shops and stalls selling wool and other knitting/crochet essentials

Gender Neutral Toilet Finder

by Lily-Rose Lenton

An app to help people locate gender neutral toilets.

Disability accessible facilities

by Fadila Lagadien

Any facility that is accessible to disabled people in South Africa.


by fadelstevens


Dementia friendly places

by Katie Brittain

What makes a place dementia friendly?

Find the Best and Worst Local Letting Agents

by Fion Hay

This app will allow you to rate and review local landlords, letting agents and housing management companies for...

Find me a Charity shop!

by Jacqui Jobson

Find the charity shops nearest to you either from home or in a new city. Find the nearest shop of your favourite...

The Best Photography Spots in the North East

by Ahmed Kharrufa

This app will provide a simple way for avid photographers to share their favourite photography locations across the...