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What is App Movement?

App Movement enables any individual, community or organisation to propose, design and develop a multi-platform mobile application. No expertise are required to get started just a touch of determination and a great idea.

Who created this?

App Movement is a research project created by Open Lab at Newcastle University. This research project aims to explore how communities can begin to design and commission technology at a grassroots level. As such we will be collecting data about the websites usage and the mobile applications generated by App Movement. You can find out more in our privacy policy.

Why did we create App Movement?

We realised that in the digital age communities need digital tools and services. However the development and creation of these services has traditionally been commissioned by local government, bed room programmers or enthusiastic community members. However we argue that this top down, reactive approach, fails to address real needs of communities. Therefore we believe anyone who has a genuine need for a mobile application should not be limited by their lack of software development experience.

App Movement Team

  • Andrew Garbett
  • Edward Jenkins
  • Rob Comber
  • Patrick Olivier

This project was funded by both the EPSRC Social Inclusion Through the Digital Economy (SiDE) and the AHRC Creative Exchange (CX) research projects.