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Skatepark Finder

by Ed Jenkins

This app will show the locations of skateparks across the world and allow anyone to leave reviews.

Parent TRapp

by Kevin Bartolo

Application that gives parents control over their home network with the ability to allocate use of the net by their...

Best Local Farm Shops

by Francesca

I want to know where the farm shops are in my area to help support the local economy

Dog Friendly Pubs and Cafes

by Kennie Lodge

Easily find dog friendly pubs, cafes, bars and other eateries around you

BAMER Women & Girls guide to Cultural venues

by Joanne Michelle Burke

Discuss Cultural, Heritage & Arts venues together. Do they give true & real access, representation, participation &...

Nut allergy friendly places

by Neil Davidson

Share your experience of good places for people with nut allergies to eat.

Sausage App

by Roland Tauber

Evaluation of ready-to-eat sausages you can buy/consume


by Михаил Швецов

Мы приветствуем и приглашаем вступить в наш клуб всех поклонников и счастливых обладателей автомобилей марки VW GOLF...

Dog friendly shops (and other dog friendly places)

by Vanessa Gossage

An app to allow people find and share the names & locations of shops (and restaurants and pubs) that are “dog...

Quad spots

by Justin Attwood

Quad spots is designed for the drone community to share flying spots, parks and grounds

Chip Advisor

by Dan Richardson

Find the best fish & chip shops in your area!

I Lived There...

by David Green

Rate the house you're moving out of and flag issues for new tenants

My Hobby FaviTrax

by Kevin Bartolo

Design and save a track using device gps or with an additional gps unit for the device. Tracks can be set out...


by Kieran Luke Cutting

RateMyStudentHouse allows students to rate their homes, landlords and letting agencies, giving them more power in...

Mechanic Locator App

by Elorm Selormey

This app will find locations of mechanics in your location and provide a short description on services provided

Cafe Culture North East - Igniting Ideas

by Loraine Sweeney

Free, welcoming events and podcasts to connect you to global issues on philosophy, science, culture and philosophy

Best Bars - Street Workout Locations

by Matthew Marshall

If you're into, or want to get into Street Workout, it's often difficult to find outdoor equipment. Locate and rate...

Social Inclusion Football App

by Mal Maclean

Mapping where football makes a difference. User generated app for inclusive projects and clubs who use football for...

Spot the lion

by Roza Freriks

See where to go see the lion!

The Thrifty Squirrels Charity Shop Tourist guide

by Gill

When your in a new Town, and you want to check out the local chazzas, but don’t know where? Fear not! The Thrity...

Brew - Coffee Shops for Connoisseurs

by Rob

Finding places for specialist and brew coffee

WC - Where's Closest?

by Ian G Johnson

When nature calls, the last thing you want to see is the dreaded 'patrons only' sign. This app shows facilities...

Natural Gas station locator

by Charles Amuna

Users should be able find or locate the nearest gas stations to refill their cylinders with this app

Feed finder

by Britney Marin

Los pies más hermosos

District Based Public Resource/Facilities Mapping

by Charles Oppong

A Mobile App to help pick geographical locations, current state/condition of public facilities in a district and...

Humbug! Anti-commercialised Christmas

by Simon Bowen

Places to escape commercialised Christmas and make it about people, not presents.

Playing Away From Home

by Sam McLoughlin

An app to show all British footballers and coaches who ply their trade abroad.

Gluten-Free Friendly Food Finder

by Amey Holden

Identify food establishments (restaurant, cafe, takeaway etc.) nearby which provide gluten free food and details of...

Breathe effortlessly outdoors

by Yewande Olowokere

Real-time location based Air Quality alerts

Fashion shop locator

by Farida Salim

This a fashion retail locator that is to assist both customers,suppliers and designers find the right place to...

RR Drone Spot Tag

by Justin Attwood

Where's cool to rip balls? Where's a no-go? Let your FPV Brethren know the score!

Church Locator

by Obeng Lawrence

An application that will help you locate nearby churches.

sharing the love for yoga - saktiisha yoga centre

by Savitri Thissen Sattoe

we care ~ share ~ connect and aim to inspire each other to live life to the fullest! yoga is a way to achieve...

Nyamchom Site

by Bahati Schyns

These are out door locations where one can do nyama choma (BBQ)

Local Bookshop Finder

by Matthew Wood

Ever wanted an App that would find a nice, quirky bookshop near you? Support this #appmovement!

Find Electric Car Charging Stations

by Ed Jenkins

Share and review electric charging stations across the world