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The Breastfriendly App for mothers

by NikolettaMZ

Find, add, rate, share or recommend improvements for places that are breastfeeding and baby friendly.

The best mountain bike trails in the world

by Ed Jenkins

Find the best mountain bike trails across the world in just a few seconds!

An app to find Truly Scrumptious Tea

by Roxanne Scott

An app that helps you to find the best local tea shops because coffee sucks!

Maybe, baby? - Baby friendly pubs and restaurants

by Andy Dow

An easy way of finding pubs and restaurants local to you that have the right facilities for you and baby too.

Gluten Free Restaurants In Your Area

by Thomas Hind-Valentine

A quick and simple way to find gluten free food in your area.

Bike and the City

by Raphael V

Share your reviews of amenities for cycling, from (un)safe lanes and bike parking spots to equipment shops.

Hookah maps

by Iskander

Карта городов с указанием кальянных, с онлайн общением, выкладыванием фото и отзывов

Local Public toilets

by Frank walker

Free public toilets in Roseville, California

FlySpot Maps

by nubbfpv

A community app for sharing and finding amazing places to fly your drone.

Potable Water Points in Kenya

by Elyse

Create map of locations where community members can access potable water, either at a charge or for free, and by type.

Boma the Helper

by Anna Gevorgyan

An application which provides mapped information about public places that are adjusted for people with disabilities.

The Best Views in NYC

by Ed Jenkins

How about an application that allows users to tag the best views in NYC?

Pinball Machine Locations

by Sam Finnigan

Where are all the retro pinball machines?

Local danish furniture shops

by Catherine

Danish furniture is nice but difficult to find.

Best local farm shops

by Francesca

I want to know where the best farm shops are in my area to help support the local economy.

The Best Photography Spots in the North East

by Ahmed Kharrufa

A simple mobile app that will allow keen photographers to share, rate and review the best locations for photography...

LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces

by Ciaran McQueenie

This is an app for LGBTQ+ people to find safe spaces.

Lost & Found

by Ava Zhang

By accident, we often lose or find things on our way or in the hotel or restaurant or shopping mall. This App is the...

Love and desiree for My feet

by Oriannys

Cleaning, perfection, ❤️

My Council

by Martin Ruane

To consume council news, policy, planning, finance etc the same way I consume news on my BBC App. I can rate decisions

Kathmandu Air Quality Watch

by Prabin Raj Shakya

An open-access integrated platform for real-time air pollution information, and visualization as well as...

Feed finder

by Camila

Quiero vender fotos de mis pies para ir generando y conociendo mas este mundo


by Nathassja

Entertain me

Local FreeFrom sources. Restaraunts & Tea rooms

by Dave Doubtfire

An app that will allow you to locate tea rooms and restaraunts that offer free from food, where they are and what...

Pan Shops in Karachi

by Ali

Finding Best Pan Shop in Karachi

مؤسسة فجر حماه للإعلام

by مؤسسة فجر حماه للإعلام

اَخر تطورات المعارك في ساحات الوغى والقتال في مدينة حماه وريفها ننقل لكم التطورات السياسية والمدنية...

Feet finder

by Mary Elizabeth

Quiero ganar dinero con mis hermosos pies

Park bench and public seating

by amy guo

An app that can show people the location of park benches and public seating area, allow an image/review of the bench...

Finding 24-hour medical services

by Sinclair

Helping people to find out 24-hour medical services nearby

Red Cross Finder

by Loise

An application that allows you to see all Red Cross branches and send out an alert for assistance.

Grot to Trot - A Green Task Force Radar

by Kevin Field

Enabling the local community to photo & pin 'grot spots' that a community task force can improve - a before and...

Pies lindos

by Valeria Alvarez

Contenido de tu preferencia

Pies y pies

by happysfeeds

Piecitos delgados.

505 in Progress - Getting Drivers to Slow Down

by Gavin

We will use this Mobile App to report locations where vehicles are speeding and therefore there is a likelyhood of...

beautiful feet

by my beautiful feet

sexy will be that woman who has beautiful and delicate feet...

Sudoku for kids

by Raghav bansal

I would like to move into easy application business to develop games so, everyone can play my games and have fun