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Restaurant Locator

by iPower Restaurant Locator Mobile App

To help users locate Restaurants and their preferred dishes.

VISA ATM Locator

by Nkansah Emmanuel

Find nearby VISA ATMs with our free mobile app

My Doctor my Counselor

by Abraham Yaw Nkum

This app is to help patients find solutions to their ailments.

Library locater

by AliFadel

Library Locator - Find a Library Near You.

C-Card Free Condom Finder

by C-Card NorthEast

An App to rate and review local C-Card outlets where young people can obtain free condoms

Fashion shop locator

by Farida Salim

This a fashion retail locator that is to assist both customers,suppliers and designers find the right place to...

sharing the love for yoga - saktiisha yoga centre

by Savitri Thissen Sattoe

we care ~ share ~ connect and aim to inspire each other to live life to the fullest! yoga is a way to achieve...


by Kelsey thompson

An app for fans, to talk about things they're a fan of, and inspire others to follow.

Denver Drone Store

by Jesse

A drone store in Denver


by Gianluca Trombetta

An app that rates and lists venues from the perspective of the hard of hearing, a trip advisor for the hard of...

Quad spots

by Justin Attwood

Quad spots is designed for the drone community to share flying spots, parks and grounds

FlySpot Maps

by nubbfpv

A community app for sharing and finding amazing places to fly your drone.

Drone flyer

by Bummy

Where to fly your dronr

saving schemes

by kannan

This is saving app created by kannanstudios this is my personal app

General Knowledge updates

by Subbarao

Every day you can get to know about GK questions for competitive exams.

Photography Map

by Keya

A map for photographers to pin good locations to take photos in any city!

I Lived There...

by David Green

Rate the house you're moving out of and flag issues for new tenants

Cafe Culture North East - Igniting Ideas

by Loraine Sweeney

Free, welcoming events and podcasts to connect you to global issues on philosophy, science, culture and philosophy


by Михаил Швецов

Мы приветствуем и приглашаем вступить в наш клуб всех поклонников и счастливых обладателей автомобилей марки VW GOLF...

Forest locator

by sothiaco

To locate and share forests locations and images.

Making Your Mind Up

by Alison Heywood-Hill

Help for Highly Sensitive People to take decisions that is as right for them as others.

FPV Racing Spot

by Quentin L.James

FPV Racing, trouve ton spot pour faire de l'entrainement de drone racing.

Notions Fest

by Tap Potentio

We celebrate the ingenuity of East End Londoners, and organize Summits where grassroots innovators can socialize and...

Virtual Reality for People with Dementia

by Sandra Hastings

A Virtual Reality application that displays scenes that would be familiar and comforting for people living with...



Drone operations: -footage/data collection/captured memories/surveying/personal security/entertainment/commercial...

Fly You best

by Study Z

You can find somebody who bring you to play at wonderful place you have not ever being.

Sudoku For Fun

by Rohan Shetye

fun game and gives your mind power

Where's my wool?

by Elaine McColl

An app to help crafters find and rate shops and stalls selling wool and other knitting/crochet essentials

Book Online

by chetan

Book Order Online. Get food while you are on while at on road

Deek- Directory of Recovery

by Mal Maclean

Sharing resources that support recovery in your community

Σε Αναμονή Go

by Dimitris Panelis

Στόχος της εφαρμογής είναι η χαρτογράφηση των επιχειρήσεων που συμμετέχουν στην Αναμονή σε όλη την Ελλάδα και την Κύπρο.

Social Inclusion Football App

by Mal Maclean

Mapping where football makes a difference. User generated app for inclusive projects and clubs who use football for...

Rate Your City

by swlh

Rate and review buildings, structures, or places in your locality

Check the world

by Hrithikravuri

A game which can make money.with lot of fun.So why don't you start it today!

Food Necessities

by Ole Bjelland

Shows where to acquire different nutritional necessities for new arrivals to refugee camps.

Surf Locations

by Ole Bjelland

Best surf spots in Norway