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Pan Shops in Karachi

by Ali

Finding Best Pan Shop in Karachi

أهلاً و سهلاً بالرضاعة!Breastfeeding welcome here


سيسمح لك هذا التطبيق بتقييم ومراجعة الأماكن في لبنان حسب سهولة الارضاع والترحيب به في هذه الأماكن.

Find the Best and Worst Local Letting Agents

by Fion Hay

This app will allow you to rate and review local landlords, letting agents and housing management companies for...

SOLE Connect

by Jenny Hatley

Connecting refugees in crisis contexts with services, information and each other.

Bike and the City

by Raphael V

Share your reviews of amenities for cycling, from (un)safe lanes and bike parking spots to equipment shops.

Lost & Found

by Ava Zhang

By accident, we often lose or find things on our way or in the hotel or restaurant or shopping mall. This App is the...

Das Tatarstan

by Igor Avaryasov

Мобильное приложение Volkswagen клуба Татарстана для обмена полезной информацией и рейтингом мест.

Hookah maps

by Iskander

Карта городов с указанием кальянных, с онлайн общением, выкладыванием фото и отзывов

Local Public toilets

by Frank walker

Free public toilets in Roseville, California

كاميرات ساهر

by خالد القحطاني

هذا التطبيق يوضح أماكن تواجد ساهر

عيادات الكشف المبكر والتبرع بالدم المتنقلة

by Suliman

تطبيق يهدف لمشاركة وتقييم مواقع العيادات المتحركة لإجراء كشوفات الصحية العامة مثل سرطان الثدي او التبرع بالدعم او...

Best Bars - Street Workout Locations

by Matthew Marshall

If you're into, or want to get into Street Workout, it's often difficult to find outdoor equipment. Locate and rate...

مؤسسة فجر حماه للإعلام

by مؤسسة فجر حماه للإعلام

اَخر تطورات المعارك في ساحات الوغى والقتال في مدينة حماه وريفها ننقل لكم التطورات السياسية والمدنية...

Find me a Charity shop!

by Jacqui Jobson

Find the charity shops nearest to you either from home or in a new city. Find the nearest shop of your favourite...

Ink for Buck

by Mark Chong

DISCOVER and EXPLORE suitable printing services near you at your finger tips!

Brutalist Mapper

by Alexander Wilson

An App to share examples of brutalist architecture across the world!

Chip Advisor

by Dan Richardson

Find the best fish & chip shops in your area!

Dog Friendly Pubs and Cafes

by Kennie Lodge

Easily find dog friendly pubs, cafes, bars and other eateries around you

Community action and events in Wingrove

by David

See what's happening in Wingrove and how to get involved.

After school fun!

by Ethan West

People can vote on the best places to go after school!

District Based Public Resource/Facilities Mapping

by Charles Oppong

A Mobile App to help pick geographical locations, current state/condition of public facilities in a district and...


by fadelstevens


E-Cash Locator


To conduct electronic financial transactions in cyberspace via computer networks and further gives location about...


by isah jonathan idris

To help bank customers locate ATM machine any where they are.

Church Locator

by Obeng Lawrence

An application that will help you locate nearby churches.

Bank locator application

by Gabriel Dahaman

An application that will help students locate and review recommended banks for fee payment

Gas Station Review and Location Application

by Boris Glover

Gas Stations are scattered all over the country, thus the reason for this App. To help clients find the closest one...

Mechanic Locator App

by Elorm Selormey

This app will find locations of mechanics in your location and provide a short description on services provided

Sausage App

by Roland Tauber

Evaluation of ready-to-eat sausages you can buy/consume

Out of Bounds Poetry Project

by Out of Bounds

Developing an alternative A-Z of the nation through poetic responses to places.

HRMS After school!

by Ethan West

Places to go after school

tourist site locator

by daniel

this app show have the idea of how tourist in a contry can find some tourist site in that country and know the...

Natural Gas station locator

by Charles Amuna

Users should be able find or locate the nearest gas stations to refill their cylinders with this app

Flag staff house

by Nero

The office of the president of the republic of Ghana.

Car Rental Finder

by Owen Jubilant Akli

This will be an application that will help find the nearest car rental service and also select and rent a car based...

Student study location Mobile-app

by [Group 4]

This mobile application aims to guide students on Gimpa campus to conveniently locate a perfect learning location...