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Friendly Breastfeeding Location App

by Madeline Balaam

An app to help breastfeeding mothers to find friendly places to breastfeed their child.

The Best Views in NYC

by Ed Jenkins

How about an application that allows users to tag the best views in NYC?

Allergic Restaurant

by Tom Bartindale

Rate your local restaurants for how they cater to allergies and food intolerance.

505 in Progress - Getting Drivers to Slow Down

by Gavin

We will use this Mobile App to report locations where vehicles are speeding and therefore there is a likelyhood of...

The best mountain bike trails in the world

by Ed Jenkins

Find the best mountain bike trails across the world in just a few seconds!

Public water fountains

by Ed Jenkins

An app for the summer - this will let people add and review public water fountains across the world.

Pinball Machine Locations

by Sam Finnigan

Where are all the retro pinball machines?

Local danish furniture shops

by Catherine

Danish furniture is nice but difficult to find.

Gluten-Free Friendly Food Finder

by Amey Holden

Identify food establishments (restaurant, cafe, takeaway etc.) nearby which provide gluten free food and details of...

Places to feed the ducks

by Ed Jenkins

How about a mobile app where people can rate and review the best places to feed ducks?

Dog friendly shops (and other dog friendly places)

by Vanessa Gossage

An app to allow people find and share the names & locations of shops (and restaurants and pubs) that are “dog...

Brew - Coffee Shops for Connoisseurs

by Rob

Finding places for specialist and brew coffee

Psycho-Magic:48 Ways to Happiness

by Victoria Chen

An app that suggests you interesting tasks to do when you want happiness prescription--even it might be beyond what...

Safe Places to Walk My Dog

by Debra Curtis

Safe places to walk my dog with grass and a perimeter fence with dog bin facilities.

An app to find Truly Scrumptious Tea

by Roxanne Scott

An app that helps you to find the best local tea shops because coffee sucks!

Best local farm shops

by Francesca

I want to know where the best farm shops are in my area to help support the local economy.

Local Bookshop Finder

by Matthew Wood

Ever wanted an App that would find a nice, quirky bookshop near you? Support this #appmovement!

Maybe, baby? - Baby friendly pubs and restaurants

by Andy Dow

An easy way of finding pubs and restaurants local to you that have the right facilities for you and baby too.

WC - Where's Closest?

by Ian G Johnson

When nature calls, the last thing you want to see is the dreaded 'patrons only' sign. This app shows facilities...

The Best Photography Spots in the North East

by Ahmed Kharrufa

A simple mobile app that will allow keen photographers to share, rate and review the best locations for photography...

Find an artist in the North East of England

by Jenny Stewart

An app that helps you find an artist or crafts person, visit them in person, view their website, commission a piece...

Humbug! Anti-commercialised Christmas

by Simon Bowen

Places to escape commercialised Christmas and make it about people, not presents.

The Best Photography Spots in the North East

by Ahmed Kharrufa

This app will provide a simple way for avid photographers to share their favourite photography locations across the...

Skatepark Finder

by Ed Jenkins

This app will show the locations of skateparks across the world and allow anyone to leave reviews.

Best Local Farm Shops

by Francesca

I want to know where the farm shops are in my area to help support the local economy

Dementia friendly places

by Katie Brittain

What makes a place dementia friendly?

BAMER Women & Girls guide to Cultural venues

by Joanne Michelle Burke

Discuss Cultural, Heritage & Arts venues together. Do they give true & real access, representation, participation &...

Nut allergy friendly places

by Neil Davidson

Share your experience of good places for people with nut allergies to eat.

Safe Places to fly your Drone

by Simon Newton

To allow people to share safe, legal locations for flying their hobby drones. Either great scenery, good...

Gluten Free Restaurants In Your Area

by Thomas Hind-Valentine

A quick and simple way to find gluten free food in your area.

Breathe effortlessly outdoors

by Yewande Olowokere

Real-time location based Air Quality alerts

Disability accessible facilities

by Fadila Lagadien

Any facility that is accessible to disabled people in South Africa.

Local FreeFrom sources. Restaraunts & Tea rooms

by Dave Doubtfire

An app that will allow you to locate tea rooms and restaraunts that offer free from food, where they are and what...

Find Electric Car Charging Stations

by Ed Jenkins

Share and review electric charging stations across the world

Gender Neutral Toilet Finder

by Lily-Rose Lenton

An app to help people locate gender neutral toilets.

Bariatric surgery-friendly restaurants in NE

by yitka graham

This app will help people who have had bariatric surgery to find restaurants which will cater for their dietary needs